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Education International

Demonstration for a more social Europe

published 27 January 2014 updated 28 January 2014

ETUCE will take part in the European trade union demonstration on 4 April 2014 organised by the European Trade Union Confederation, ETUC.

It will be a major demonstration where unions across sectors will stand together and call on the European political leaders to take action and to take a new path towards a more social Europe.

The demonstration is part of ETUC’s newly launched campaign “A New Path for Europe”, which goes well with Education International’s running campaign “Unite for Quality Education”. The campaign aims at rejecting austerity and asking for more investment in education, sustainable growth and quality jobs. The demonstration will enable unions to draw the attention of MEPs and election candidates before the European 2014 elections will take place. Participants will urge them to uphold the social dimension of the EU.

ETUCE encourages all its member organisations to participate in the demonstration on 4th of April 2014 and to send strong and representative delegations to Brussels. It is time for the European political decision makers to listen and to take to citizens' concerns and expectations serious.