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Gender Equality Surveys Open to Participation

published 27 January 2014 updated 28 January 2014

On 1 February 2014, ETUCE will start a survey that focuses particularly on gender equality in teacher unions and in the teaching profession.

The survey looks at how the economic crisis and austerity politics have influenced gender equality in the education sector in the past five years.

The survey is part of the on-going ETUCE project Promoting gender equality within teacher trade unions and in the teaching profession II – Implementing and reinforcing teacher trade union actions on gender equality in times of austerity.

The survey results will serve as the working basis for a seminar on 7 May 2014 in Utrecht. An invitation concerning the survey will go out to ETUCE member organisations this week.

Participation is also kindly requested in two surveys on gender equality this spring. The annual ETUC 8th March survey is already running and focuses on trade union strategies to address violence against women this year. The survey is an important benchmark in trade unions’ work to achieve gender equality.

We would like to invite all member organisations to participate in the surveys!