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Open Education Challenge

published 25 February 2014 updated 25 February 2014

The initiative Open Education Challenge, launched in partnership with the European Commission, is an invitation to all innovators to submit projects, and receive technical support through the European Incubator for Innovation in Education, and access funding for their future companies.

The Open Education Challenge is part of Startup Europe. This is the European Commission action plan aimed at strengthening the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs in Europe and contributing to innovation, growth and jobs. It is about bringing out the people who are have a passion for education and are convinced that technology will deeply transform the way we learn, teach and train, and who have created, or are about to create, a company that will innovate in education.

Applications from all over the world are accepted. All selected applicants will have to commit to participate full time in the incubation process that will take place in the EU. The 10 most promising startups will be selected to join the programme.

Projects can be submitted until 17 March 2014. The finalists will participate in a workshop in Barcelona in July 2014 to determine the 10 winners. After this, their projects will be presented to the Open Education Challenge Jury.

For more information on go to the website: http://www.openeducationchallenge.eu/