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Slovakia: ETUCE 10 key messages turned into concrete recommendations for Quality of Education

published 5 March 2014 updated 10 March 2014

OZPŠaV, the Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia succeeded in turning the 10 key messages adopted by the ETUCE Committee into concrete recommendations with regards to Slovak national specifications.

These recommendations aim at creating the legislative conditions and at securing the financial resources needed to increase quality in education. Slovak teacher unions demand an increase of the GDP share invested in education to 6%; and struggle to increase transparency, to optimise schools’ network and to have a greater control of the effectiveness of funds.

Securing the State financing would also allow the adjustment of salaries as well as healthier and safer work environments for teachers and all the employees in the education sector: basic conditions for supporting the attractiveness of the teaching professions.

In order to diffuse national recommendations, the Slovak unions in education are also engaging into regular communication with all relevant stakeholders. In this respect, the first union Council meeting will guest the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport. Finally, candidates to European elections will be addressed on this subject, in line with the ETUCE campaign calling 2014 MEP candidates to pledge to Quality of Education in Europe.