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ETUCE Committee adopts the support package to Ukraine

published 24 April 2014 updated 24 April 2014

The ETUCE Committee expressed strong solidarity with the ETUCE members and their affiliates in Ukraine and unanimously supported the call to provide moral, political and financial support to our colleagues.

The Committee endorsed the concrete actions which were suggested by the secretariat, being :

-          The dissemination of information on developments in Ukraine to all member organisations of EI worldwide

-          The continuous advocating in international fora for the inclusive democratic development of Ukraine through an open and transparent social dialogue and to highlight the importance of education as a means to stabilise and develop democracy in Ukraine

-          To encourage and support the participation of representatives of our Ukraine members in conventions and events organised by EI/ETIUCE and its member organisations

-          To support STESU financially in relocating and re-establishing normal office functions, since the union’s central office was destroyed was destroyed during the confrontation with the police forces

-          To assist STESU and VPONU through capacity building projects to be set up both multilateral and bilateral projects to be coordinated by EI to ensure complementarity and avoid overlapping