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Education International sends condolences to families of victims on flight MH17

published 23 July 2014 updated 6 August 2014

In a letter to the Government of The Netherlands, Education International has expressed its condolences to the families and friends of the passengers from many different nations killed last week in the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight in Ukraine.

"Once again civilians, including many children, students and a number of teachers, have been the innocent victims of a destructive and futile act of war". the letter says.

"The nature of this incident once again highlights the dangers of the proliferation of modern weapons of war in today’s world. Whether by accident or by design, the use of such weapons all too often leads to appalling tragedies and the deaths of innocent citizens. The international community as a whole needs to take steps to curb the spread of those weapons and to promote a culture of peace everywhere."

EI’s General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen: “Our thoughts and sympathies are with those who have suffered as a result of this tragic incident. We hope that it will give greater momentum to a process which will lead to the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.”