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Education International

Gaza: Schools should be safe havens

published 25 July 2014 updated 25 July 2014

Yesterday an UNRWA school in Gaza was struck by a missile, killing fifteen persons, mostly women and children, and leaving many injured.

Education International finds it unacceptable that schools are being hit in the warfare between Hamas and the Israeli Army. “We advocate for schools as safe havens in all conflict zones of the world, and strongly reject educational institutions being targeted or used for military purposes,” says EI General Secretary, Fred van Leeuwen. On 19 July Education International has urged the education unions of Israel and Palestine to demand their governments “to show respect for human life on either side of the border, to ensure in particular the safety and protection of children, and heed the call of the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire in line with that agreed in November 2012”. In the coming days EI will raise its concern about the protection of children and teachers in Gaza and Israel with the appropriate authorities.