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Tajikistan: Workshops strengthen trade unionism

published 3 October 2014 updated 10 October 2014

Trade unions, leadership, and Education International (EI) itself were the focus of two workshops in Tajikistan hosted by EI’s national affiliate, the Republican Trade Union Committee of Education and Science Workers (RC–STES).

The first workshop, attended by 28 trade unionists, was held in Kurgantyube from 20–22 September and the second, attended by 23 participants, was held from 23–25 September in Kulyab.

At the workshops, the topics covered were:

  • The role of teachers’ unions in the market economy
  • An analysis of the existing education/trade union challenges/problems in their oblast (region)
  • Basic concepts and principles of leadership and decision-making processes
  • EI’s programmes and activities
  • The essential components and strategies of the Unite campaign
  • An analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • An individual plan of action to be implemented at the school/work place

Active involvement

“As participants were all school committee chairpersons and had not attended any similar workshops before, they were very involved and active throughout the sessions,” said EI regional Coordinator Jerome Fernandez. “At the end of the workshop, each of them prepared an action plan to be implemented by themselves at their schools. The local trade union committee was tasked with monitoring the implementation of the action plan.”

Most participants requested that EI considers organising an advanced level workshop in the near future, he went on to stress.