Leading thinkers in education to put their heads together on policy

published 10 May 2016 updated 20 May 2016

Academics, researchers and activists from all over the world are ready to turn theory into action as they descend on Brussels for a two-day exchange of ideas and research on the future of education.

Now in its 12th annual edition, the Research Network (ResNet) of Education International (EI) is attracting experts from more than 20 countries to Brussels on 11-12 May. The discussions and workshops are an opportunity for researchers, academics and activists to exchange views and strategies to take EI’s research and advocacy work to the next level.

From research to action

Among other things, the meeting will take a closer look at EI’s research programme as mandated by EI’s 7th World Congress in July 2015 and will look at important research related issues concerning the United Nation’s Education Agenda 2030. Other issues on the agenda range from teacher-policy and working conditions to pressing political economy matters.

External high-level speakers will join EI’s ResNet members to analyse some of these topics, but the main focus of the event will be to develop strategies to ensure effective coordination, capacity development, dissemination and the use of research for advocacy.

Inclusive and innovative approach

The introductory presentation to the meeting can be found by clicking here.

This year’s Research Network Meeting will be accessible by skype. On May 11th, the plenary of the ResNet meeting will be available all day.

On May 12th, in addition to the plenary, the meeting will include group sessions available for participation by Skype.

To connect to the meeting, follow these instructions:

Skype for business users: If you have an account with Skype for business (different from Skype!), then you may click the ‘join meeting’ link and you will be automatically connected.

To join by telephone: then dial the number mentioned in the skype information for each group. The operator will ask for the meeting pin, which is available in the skype information. For more information: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Join-a-Skype-for-Business-meeting-3862be6d-758a-4064-a016-67c0febf3cd5?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

If you need assistance connecting to a meeting, please call the Reception at EI Head Office at +32 2 224 06 14