Latin America

published 24 May 2016 updated 26 May 2016

From 4-5 April, Latin American education unions convened in São Paulo, Brazil, to develop a common strategic response to the increasing privatisation and commercialisation of education services across the region. Participants examined country specific research presented to the meeting.

A mission on child labour was organised in La Dalia, Nicaragua, from 10-14 April, following up on the “Out of work and into school” project. The Confederación General de Trabajadores de la Educación de Nicaragua(CGTEN-ANDEN) has started to train 83 teachers on children’s rights and negotiation skills in 31 schools in the Dalia region. The CGTEN-ANDEN members now use innovative techniques to convince parents and communities of the importance of quality education and to facilitate the return to school of children who have dropped out. EI was represented by Samuel Grumiau.

The 17th National week for the defence and promotion of public education was held from 22 April-1 May in Brazil. The Confederaçao Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Educação(CNTE), in collaboration with its 50 affiliates across the country, addressed the different activities planned on the implementation of national, state, district and municipal education plans. EI was represented by CNTE President and EI Vice-President Roberto Leão.