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Education International condemns violence against educators in Mexico

published 22 June 2016 updated 24 June 2016

Education International strongly condemns the escalating violence against teachers, students and citizens which resulted in 6 deaths on 19 June in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The regional office of Education International (EI) issued an official statement earlier this week to demand a thorough investigation and justice for the victims. “This terrible abuse of power cannot remain unpunished,” the text reads, and encourages the learning community and society at large to take a stance for justice.

Escalating violence

Deadly clashes between residents, striking teachers and the police left eight dead more than 50 injured and over 20 arrested in the southern province of Oaxaca, Mexico, over the last weekend. The violence came after seven days of street blockages and demonstrations.

Teachers in Mexico have been protesting national education reforms that would change the way they're evaluated. The latest wave of protests in Oaxaca picked up steam after authorities arrested several regional leaders in Oaxaca.

Investigation needed

The demands of the EI regional communiqué are aimed at both parties and focus on an improvement in dialogue at national and local level, so that the voice of the teachers is heard and listened to. “Nothing justifies repression as a means to solve conflicts,” it reads.

The SNTE, Mexican affiliate of EI, has joined the demand for a thorough investigation with a statement of its own, declaring that it “stands in solidarity with the victims’ families” and asking for the respect of the rule of law. SNTE also assures that the union will do a follow-up of the investigations until “these regretful acts are clarified”.