published 17 November 2016 updated 21 November 2016

PGRI-EI Consortium Project, Pilot District Workshops on Education Campaigns and Teachers’ Rights in Indonesia

From 2-4 September, in West Sumatra,a workshop for members of the Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia(PGRI) formulated strategies to tackle the harassment of teachers by students and parents, the lack and improper distribution of teachers, contract teachers, and the existence of two parallel curricula. Participants stressed that using traditional media and social media is crucial to their campaigns.

From 6-8 September in West Java, PGRI members formulated the 2017 action plan and addressed priority issues and problems identified by participants.

PGRI members also attended a workshop on Education Campaigns and Teachers’ Rights, held from 4-6 October in North Maluku.

Clemente Rey Dolot represented EI at these events.

EIAP Regional Committee meeting

The EI Asia Pacific (EIAP) Regional Committee meeting, from 27–28 September in Yangon, Myanmar, highlighted the work undertaken by the EIAP regional office and member organisations since the Committee last met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 25-26 April 2015.

The regional activities furthered the cause of teachers and their organisations, defended trade union and professional rights, promoted democracy, social justice and equality, and enhanced the conditions of work and terms of employment of teachers and other education workers.

CTUM-EI Basic Trade Union Leadership workshops in Myanmar

From 18-20 October in Yangon and from 22-24 October in Chin State, Myanmar, top education union leaders attended workshops to follow up on the mini-strategic planning meeting of the EIAP and the Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar (CTUM) held in May. Participants explored the role of EI, basic trade union principles, leadership, union finances, the 1966 ILO-UNESCO Recommendation, the sustainable development goals, and the Myanmar Education Law. Participants highlighted the lack of basic school facilities, outdated curricula and textbooks, and poor in-service training opportunities for teachers. The CTUM reiterated its commitment to form and register the Education Workers Federation of Myanmar. These workshops were conducted under the EI Myanmar Initiative funded by the Myanmar Consortium: AEU/Australia, JTU/Japan, Lärarförbundet/Sweden, UEN/Norway, and EI.

Clemente Rey Dolot represented EI on both occasions.