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Education International

2016 in review: looking back to move forward in education around the world

published 3 January 2017 updated 6 January 2017

Education International and its affiliates are going to carry forward the momentum and lessons learnt from 2016 to make the New Year one to remember in education!

On the first of January each calendar year, people around the world are presented with the opportunity for renewal, to re-commit to values and objectives, to seek new possibilities for success in the year ahead. Education International (EI) is no different.

We look back on 2016 with mixed emotions. Even as the geopolitical landscape of 2016 revised issues and conflicts better left in the 20th century, and, while far too many educators continued to be targets of governments and extremists, real progress was made in ensuring that free quality public education for all remained on the top of the global development agenda.

Some of EI’s and the global education community’s notable achievements this year included:

·         Celebrating The 50th anniversary of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Teachers

· EI’s successful Conference on the integration and education of refugees

·         The success of EI’s Global Response to privatisation and commercialisation of education campaign in Uganda and Kenya

· The 10th EI International Further and Higher Education and Research Conference and Researchers’ Network Africa

·         Beginning the implementation of the Education 2030 Framework for Action and SDG 4

It is clear that great challenges face not only education but our collective democratic values in 2017. EI and its affiliates and partners must build on our achievements in 2016 and rely on them for encouragement and strength to continue to work together to build and maintain the world we want.