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Canada: union deal with provincial government to spur teacher hiring spree

published 6 January 2017 updated 12 January 2017

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation has announced that more than 1,000 teachers will be hired after the government’s first $50 million commitment toward fulfilling last year’s Supreme Court ruling on the province’s classroom conditions.

The cash injection is part of what is being referred to as an interim deal that is set to eventually total $300 million toward improving British Columbia’s education system. The funding derives from a Supreme Court decision last November that sees B.C. class-size, class-composition and specialist teacher language restored to teachers’ contracts for the first time since 2002.

“Decisions about what jobs get posted and where need to be decided jointly … and that’s very important to us,” said BCTF President Glen Hansman. “There will also be a dispute resolution process if there is no agreement between the local parties.”

The news comes as music to the ears of Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) President Heather Smith, who says "Finally, the funds taken away by the B.C. government will be reinstated. Had it not been for the staunch determination of the BCTF resulting in the Supreme Court of Canada decision,  I doubt the reinstatement would have happened. The hiring of new teachers is a good start but more are required to repair years of damage. We offer our congratulations to the BCTF for not backing down for all those years on behalf of BC students and public education."