Worlds of Education

Protect (public) education systems, teachers, other education employees, students and children against the negative effects of the debt and economic crises and the implementation of detrimental market mechanisms

published 6 June 2012 updated 16 June 2017
  • Advocate adequate and equitable long term funding for and investment in public school systems (increased capital and recurrent expenditures) of at least 6% of GDP; promote the expansion of fiscal space, including through tax justice measures that would make the tax system more just as well as generating new revenue. Fair, sustainable financing builds the future unlike ill-advised, damaging austerity policies.

  • Counter legislative and other measures privatising and outsourcing public provision of education.

  • Oppose trade and investment agreements that expose public services to international competition and restrict the government right to regulate and re-regulate as well as any special provisions that privilege investor rights over human rights.

  • Give special attention to vulnerable sectors, including Early Childhood Education, Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education and Research.

  • Campaign for the achievement of SDG 4 and other goals and support predictable, long term Official Development Assistance to Education with increasing domestic expenditure.

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