Worlds of Education

Challenge the erosion of democratic and social values, and address gender inequality, racial intolerance and xenophobia through the promotion of human rights, equality and trade union rights for sustainable societies

published 6 June 2012 updated 16 June 2017
  • Defend the right to education and advocate inclusive publicly-funded schools and learning institutions, providing safe, secure and healthy environments with gender-sensitive curricula, pedagogy, teaching and learning resources.

  • Promote children's rights, including the exercise of the right to education; mobilise member unions against persisting forms of child labour.

  • Defend trade union rights including actions to release imprisoned trade union activists and seek to extend the right to organise and engage in collective bargaining.

  • Implement the Gender Equality Action Plan, including the strengthening of the regional women’s networks and the extending of these networks to the Arab region; establish networks for indigenous and LGBTIQ teachers.

  • Oppose all forms of discrimination and bigotry, including those based on gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and religion.

  • Develop an action plan to advance the rights of migrant teachers, including the establishment of an international instrument.

  • Implement activities with member organisations to support quality education for refugee children and to prepare teachers to teach students who suffer not only from the difficulties of adaptation and integration, but also from the trauma experienced in home countries, travel, and re-settlement.

  • Defend and promote international instruments recognising the rights of refugees and migrant workers.

  • Participate in UN process to protect rights of migrants and refugees, including the development of two Global Compacts.

  • Defend and promote democracy, social justice, and human rights.

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