Accompanying the ex-child worker on their return to school

published 11 June 2017 updated 7 July 2021

Portrait of a teacher: Noumoutieba Diarra, focal point of the Ouroun school

Noumoutieba Diarra, focal point of the Ouroun school (Bougouni region): " When a former child worker returns to school, we try to have them accompanied by a member of the anti-child labour club from their neighbourhood, so that they walk together to ensure that they do not give in to a change of heart. The teacher who welcomes him into the classroom will raise their confidence, aiming to avoid overwhelming for having left, and preparing the other pupils so that the former child worker is warmly received".

Youssouf, 14, 6th year student and member of Syentoula's anti-child labour club:"The standout case for me is that of Soumeïla Bagajou, who had left school at the age of 7 due to lack of resources. We went to see his parents. I was distressed before meeting them, but we managed to convince them to send Soumeïla back to school.I am very proud of this success and I now accompany Soumeïla closely so that he continues to come to school every day".

Watch also this video about a former child worker who turned teacher and contributed to the establishment of child labour free zones in Bougouni, Mali: