published 23 June 2017 updated 3 July 2017


Evaluation and planning meeting of AIPTF/AEU/EI EFAIDS Programme 2017-18 in India

The All India Primary Teachers Federation (AIPTF)/Australian Education Union (AEU)/EI/EFAIDS project held an evaluation and planning meeting in New Delhi from 11-13 April.

Attendees reviewed the implementation and achievements of the project in 2016-17 in the Uttarakhand and West Bengal states. An additional 197 children accessed education in the project implementation area in 2016-17. Due to the HIV/AIDS prevalence in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it was decided to also run the programme there.

Teachers’ unions in the selected states will raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, its spread, prevention and against the social stigma attached to AIDS. The project will also focus on identifying out-of-school or dropped-out children, particularly girls, and bring them to school with the help of teachers, parents and community.

The meeting was attended by EI Asia-Pacific (EIAP) Chief Regional Coordinator Shashi Bala Singh and Anand Singh.

FTU 87th Annual Conference in Fiji

The 87th Annual Conference of the Fiji Teachers’ Union (FTU) on 24-26 April was opened by EI Asia-Pacific (EIAP) Chief Regional Coordinator Shashi Bala Singh. Held in Ba, the conference’s theme was “Education 2030 – Through Inclusive and Participatory Approach”.

Bala Singh described EI’s role in the development of the Education 2030 Agenda and reminded attendees that Fiji still has to ratify important international conventions on human rights and the right to education, including the 1960 UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education. She urged the FTU to engage strategically in the implementation of SDG 4 and contribute to national plans indicators and mechanism for monitoring. She also pressed the union to engage in social dialogue with the government to amend the Education Act by incorporating a legal guarantee to achieve the Education 2030 Agenda.

The Council of Pacific Education (COPE) Secretary General, Govind Singh, was present, and together with Shashi Bala Singh, also attended the FTU women’s network conference.

FTA Women/Youth Network Workshop on Networking for Change and Progress in Fiji

Shashi Bala Singh and Govind Singh also attended the Fijian Teachers’ Association (FTA) Women/Youth Network Workshop on Networking for Change on 27 April in Suva.

Bala Singh outlined the Global Education Campaign and SDGs, particularly SDGs 4, 5 and 8. She called on FTA to ensure that the Fijian Government fulfils its global and constitutional commitments to ensure quality and education for all children and groups.

Govind Singh emphasised the importance of networking in trade unions, highlighting EI’s networking activities at international, regional and national levels. He challenged participants to ensure the networking opportunities for grassroot members in rural, remote, and maritime areas.

These occasions were historic, as this was the first visit of EIAP’s first female Chief Regional Coordinator to one of the Pacific Islands.