Mexican teachers show their solidarity after the catastrophe

published 22 September 2017 updated 3 October 2017

The Mexican union SNTE, an Education International member in Mexico, is providing crucial rescue and relief assistance to the communities struck by the earthquakes of the past few weeks.

In the wake of a natural catastrophe of the magnitude of the earthquakes that have shaken several regions of Mexico both last week and in previous weeks, every effort must be made to help relieve the victims and trace the missing. The Mexican union SNTE, an affiliate of Education International (EI), is working intensively, showing its solidarity with the victims, coming to their assistance by reconstructing infrastructure and restoring public services, specifically the education service.

The last earthquake was devastating for many school communities, with both students and teachers among its victims, while tens of thousands of children have been left without a school. Countless families that have lost their homes, and supplies of staple goods are heavily affected.

The SNTE is increasing its aid in several states. Over the past two days, it has delivered 408 tons of food, baby food, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, shovels, wheelbarrows, flashlights and blankets to the Mexican Red Cross and the National Defence Secretariat (SEDENA) as well as five dumper trucks to assist in the removal of debris.

Every branch of the SNTE throughout the country contributed to the assistance that the teachers gave to the Red Cross and SEDENA for the victims of the different states.

At the central premises of the Red Cross, where part of the aid was taken, SNTE president Juan Díaz de la Torre expressed his regret for the human and material losses that Mexican families have suffered as a result of these natural disasters. The teaching profession, he said, was sending them its solidarity and a warm embrace, as it continued in its aim of supporting the people of Mexico at all times.

"We come as citizens, teachers, educators, to shoulder our responsibility and show our solidarity at this moment deep sorrow in our country. Seeing the abundance of energy from the thousands and thousands of Mexicans helping us, urges us, once again, to do what we have done for many years: to call on our colleagues to show the best in themselves through their feelings, actions, attitudes and in material terms, through their help," he said.

If you wish to contribute to work by the SNTE in conjunction with the Mexican Red Cross, you can send your contribution to the following bank account, set up for this purpose:

BMSXMXMMXXX Banco Santander SASindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación

Account no: 014180655063730490