Education International mourns the loss of Somali teachers and students

published 17 October 2017 updated 23 October 2017

The aftermath of the horrific bombing of Mogadishu is being felt far from the capital as the education community expresses solidarity for colleagues lost in the violent act which has left hundreds dead.

The bombing of a busy downtown Mogadishu neighbourhood on October 14 marked the worst case of violence seen in the country’s ongoing civil strife. Last reports detail at least 300 killed and another 500 injured.

Among those lost were university students and members of the Somalia National Union of Teachers (SNUT), Education International (EI)’s country affiliate.

“This attack is one of the most lethal terrorists acts and final year University students and teachers were among the victims,” confirmed Yaqub Moalim, the General Secretary of the SNUT.

In response to the attack EI has issued a strong statement in support of the SNUT.

“At no moment can or should violence directed at innocent civilians be tolerated, which is why EI calls upon authorities to re-double their efforts to protect the people of Somalia from needless carnage,” reads the statement. “Any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable.  In reaffirming the need to address terrorism by all means, EI is convinced that the antidote to extremism is found in the classroom, for education is the most peaceful and sustainable way to counter hate.”

Read EI's statement in full here.