published 24 May 2018 updated 31 May 2018


Teacher trade unionists imprisoned in Iran

In a pattern of harassment, persecution, and criminalization of trade union activists for normal trade union activity, Tehran teacher union leader Esmail Abdi was taken back into the Evin prison on 20 January and. Mohammad Habibi, a teacher and board member of the Tehran branch of ITTA, was violently arrested at school and detained, also at the Evin prison. Habibi was later released on bail.

Bahrain Travel Ban

Jalila al-Salman, Vice President of the Bahrain Teachers’ Association (BTA), was prevented from leaving the country and participating in international trade union events. EI submitted a case to the ILO Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA) based on the government’s actions. Under normal conditions, participation in international trade union meetings has been considered a fundamental trade union right by the Committee.

Human Rights of Children in Syria

EI has written to the UN concerning violence targeting schools, students, teachers and other education personnel in Syria. The UN Human Rights Council, during its 37th session, held a high-level panel discussion discussion on 13 March to address the grave violations of the human rights of children in Syria.

Algeria Gender Action Learning Programme

In order to help to increase the participation of women in trade unions and in leadership positions in the ACCRS, a pilot project has been developed in Algeria with two EI member organisations in the country, the Syndicat National Autonome des Professeurs d'Enseignement Secondaire et Technique(SNAPEST) and Union Nationale des Travailleurs de l’Education et de la Formation(UNFEF).

The 18-month programme will seek to build awareness of the importance of gender equality issues among leadership. It aims to produce sustainable organisational change though a gender action learning process.