Latin America

published 24 May 2018 updated 31 May 2018

Latin America

Justice and Rule of Law in Brazil

EI and its member organisations joined with its affiliates in Brazil to protest and the mis-carriage of justice that resulted in former President Lula being imprisoned on flimsy, unsubstantiated charges. The actions of activist judges and the rulers of Brazil have the effect of blocking Lula from running in the Presidential election, where the polls show that he would be a strong favourite. The political manipulation of the system of justice has long-term dangers to the rule of law in Brazil and to the credibility of its governance.

Global Response in Latin America

A study in Peru by La Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona measured the extent of privatization and commercialization of education in Peru. The study was used to stimulate several discussions in Peru, including with the government, and was covered in the media.

A similar, national approach to the Global response campaign is taking place in Honduras. The extent of changes as well as government attitudes are being examined. EI will conduct a research project in Honduras on privatization and related issues.

Representatives of EI attended the World Social Forum in Brazil between 12 and 18 March. They presented the Global Response campaign and encouraged others to support it. A trade union panel composed of people from Latin America and other continents explained their experience with Bridge International Academies and others involved in the privatisation of education.