Iraq: teacher union expands to better advocate for quality public education

published 16 July 2018 updated 4 March 2022

The opening of a new headquarters for its branch in the centre of the Iraqi Chamchamal region represents a golden opportunity for the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union to highlight the importance of providing quality education for all in the country and renew its commitment to ensure it.

During the well-attended ceremony held on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the foundation of the  KTU and the inauguration of new KTU branch offices, the Chamchamal’s Deputy Governor welcomed the opening of the centre, which shows his commitment to “constant cooperation with educators to better manage the educational process”.

KTU President Abdulwahid Mohamad Haji also addressed current educational issues, underlining the importance of education as well as touching on international efforts to provide education for all.

“We urge the Kurdistan Regional Government to help ensure the achievement of the September 2015’s United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG), particularly SDG 4 on education,” he stressed.

He also called on public authorities to support the educational and learning process, “because only this priority will help the community go forward”.

Haji went on to welcome the opening of the new KTU branch offices and hoped that all Chamchamal region educators will benefit from this opportunity and make it an outstanding place for holding seminars, meetings and  leading research to improve education and learning conditions.