Professional Development Program

published 31 May 2019 updated 31 May 2019
Host organizations
All India Primary Teachers Federation (AIPTF)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Start date
1 June 2019
End date
31 May 2020
Education for All;Gender;Quality Teaching;

The means of achieving the goals of this project is through a cascading model of professional development at the National, State, District, Block and Cluster levels. Professional development will be delivered to teachers in four states: Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Jharkhand state. Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are continuing the PDP and Jharkhand is joining the PDP for the first time this year. In each state, five Master Resource Persons (MRP) and twelve Block Resource Persons (BRP) will provide professional development to teachers from clusters in four blocks.


- To uplift the quality of elementary education through quality professional development of teachers on a continuing basis - To serve society as a whole by assisting central and state governments in the implementation of the national education policy, Education for All, and in achieving gender parity in education - To provide opportunities for ongoing and continuing refinement of educational competences and skills that will enable primary teachers to provide the best possible service to children - To increase awareness and commitment among teachers towards continuous professional development - To seek cooperation from the community, parents and other stakeholders for the improvement of the learning capacity of students and infrastructural needs of the school