Africa Day: Cape Verdean Education Minister commits to vaccination and enhanced training for educators

published 26 May 2021 updated 3 June 2021

Teachers in Cape Verde received good news on Africa Day, 25 May. The newly sworn-in Education Minister, Amadeu Cruz, assured the Federaçao Caboverdiana dos Professores (FECAP) that he would address the protection of teachers against COVID-19, the career development of Cape Verdean teachers, and new legislation for pre-school education.

During his meeting with FECAP for the “strengthening of institutional dialogue and partnership”, the minister announced that classes would commence on 13 September for the academic year 2021-2022.

The academic year is already scheduled to begin on 1 September, with a training seminar for teachers and training for teachers entering the profession.

Vaccination of teachers

Cruz said that, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the vaccination of all teachers will begin within one month.

He also emphasised that public health measures aimed at protecting against COVID-19 will continue in all schools throughout Cape Verde.

The minister guaranteed that, within 12-18 months, “pending discussions will be resolved”, according to Abraão Borges, FECAP general secretary and member of Education International’s Africa Regional Committee. “Among other issues discussed, we are satisfied that the pre-school question will be taken up for better legislation.”