Facing the pandemic: Educators lead in solidarity for an equitable recovery

published 14 July 2021 updated 21 September 2021

Latest message from Education International General Secretary stresses the role of the education union movement in the fight against COVID-19 and climate change to further social justice, democracy and a sustainable future for all.

We are living through one of the most challenging periods in recent memory. The world is still wrestling with a deadly pandemic that has devastated global education and has exacerbated entrenched inequalities. The effects of unchecked climate change have intensified, claiming lives and livelihoods. All the while, undemocratic forces continue to undermine societies and communities.

In his latest message, David Edwards, Education International General Secretary, emphasised the work and leadership of educators and their unions throughout these converging crises. In the words of the EI leader, the global education union movement is “focused on recovery, on equity and on the fight for the planet, each of them inseparable in the task of building a sustainable future for everyone. In this mission, we are the leaders, all of us.”

Watch the full message below.