Covid-19 and Education: How Education Unions are Responding. Survey Report

published 6 May 2020 updated 17 August 2021

Education International surveyed its member organisations across five regions to learn about the different strategies and approaches of their governments, and the actions their own organisations to support their members and all education workers. While there are multiple, varied, and substantive challenges from one country to the next, certain trends and issues are common.

The Covid-19 health emergency has led to school closures in almost every country in the world. More than 90% of the world’s total enrolled learners have been told to stay away from school and other educational premises. As a result, governments, teachers, education unions and communities are taking action to ensure that education can continue while educators and students alike are compelled to remain at home.

This report provides a global overview of education unions’ understanding of: a) government responses within education systems to the Covid-19 emergency; b) the impact that school closures have had on educators’ employment conditions; and c) education unions’ actions to support their members and education workers. In closing the report also outlines the different forms of support that EI member organisations seek from EI during these times of rapid change and uncertainty.