The Global Report on the Status of Teachers 2021

Report of a survey conducted by Education International in 2020

published 12 October 2021 updated 25 March 2022
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The status of teachers remains a concern in many jurisdictions. Teachers are aware that holding the same qualifications or levels of training as other professions does not bring the same status, despite teaching and facilitating learning being complex work that requires significant expertise.

The mandate for this Report was to consider the status of the teaching profession in the three years since the 2018 Report. Rather than simply covering the same ground as the previous Report, the survey was encouraged to maintain its strong focus on status, pay, and conditions while responding to pressing contemporary issues. In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with concern around the impact that this was having on school communities in general, and the teacher workforce in particular, a focus of this survey concerns the perspectives of unions across the world regarding the impact of COVID-19.