EIS (UK) supports teachers to deconstruct myths on immigration

published 29 June 2017 updated 29 June 2017

Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), EI affiliate and Scotland’s largest education trade union, has created a series of guides for teachers and lecturers on how to address myths of immigration in the classroom. The union made available three different guides depending on age range to provide support to teachers to understand the miscommunication and interpretation about immigration. Some of these myths include "we have loads of immigrants in the UK” and "people come to the UK because we’re a soft touch and give out loads of benefits; people just want free healthcare and free houses”. These guides were presented at the Scottish parliament and then sent to all nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. They’ve also been published on EIS’ website. The first guide is the “ Early years myths of immigration” booklet, the second is the “ Primary Myths of Immigration” booklet, and the third is the “ Secondary Myths of Immigration” booklet. 

EIS’ president Margaret Smith stated "EIS welcomes and values a diverse and inclusive society, and we welcome refugees and asylum seekers to Scotland. We reject the demonisation of refugees and asylum seekers”.