21 March: In the US, NEA fighting school bullying and harassment against migrants

published 23 March 2017 updated 23 March 2017

"What should I do if a classmate bullies or harasses me because he or she believes I am undocumented?", " What do I do if I see a student being bullied or harassed because they are Latino or an immigrant?": here are some of the questions that might remain unanswered amongst students and educators facing School Bullying and Harassment Based on Actual or Perceived Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, or Immigration Status.

To respond to the many reported instances of harassment in schools in the weeks following the presidential election, many of which have been based on a student’s actual or perceived immigration status, the National Education Association (NEA) and MALDEF, the Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America, have produced a two-pager providing answers to students, educators and social services providers on the rights of persons who experience bullying or harassment, and what can be done to address the problem.

The guide also invites readers to reach out to MALDEF to report any incident that is not being addressed by the school, by writing to [email protected]

The guide also exists in Spanish.