NUT helps schools welcome refugee children

published 15 December 2016 updated 15 December 2016

The NUT (England and Wales) has produced a Guide for schools entitled ‘Welcoming Refugee Children to Your School’.  It can be downloaded from the NUT website or printed copies are available by emailing [email protected]. The Guide advocates a whole school community approach which includes students and parents as well as teachers.  It focuses on treating all children with a ‘can do’ approach, building the child’s sense of identity and self-esteem rather than looking at what a child cannot do. 

The key principles of effective practice for teachers new to teaching refugee children set out in the guide are:

  • A ‘can do’ approach focussed on children’s strengths;
  • Getting communication with parents right;
  • Active steps to counter prejudice about refugees;
  • The host children are central to creating refugee-friendly schools;
  • Understand the impact of trauma, separation, bereavement or post-traumatic stress;
  • Celebrate the contribution made to your school community by new arrivals; and
  • Take a child-centred approach.