Educators on a Heating Planet: Shaping Education Unions’ Vision for a Just Transition

published 13 October 2022 updated 21 October 2022
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Educators are on the frontlines of climate change: every day, they are contending with the worst consequences of changes to the world’s climate. From extreme hurricanes and storms to massive flooding, prolonged droughts, severe heatwaves, and sinking islands, climate change is already altering the education sector in indirect yet profound ways.

Thus, educators are stakeholders in the discussions surrounding climate action and the crucial project of shifting to a low-carbon world.

This study seeks to provide an overview of the ways that climate change is altering the education landscape and profession. Through a series of interviews with representatives of Education International affiliates and collaborators, it collated the experiences of educators in the face of worsening climate change. As the trends of declining job security and shrinking civic spaces are exacerbated by climate change, this study also aims to advance the concept of a ‘just transition’ in the education sector, as a framework through which a collective response to the crisis can be harnessed. Finally, the study hopes to encourage dialogue among educators who recognise that climate protection is integral to the future welfare and progress of education unions worldwide.