Teacher-led Learning Circles for Formative Assessment: Spotlight on the international research team

published 30 March 2023 updated 6 April 2023

The Teacher-led Learning Circles for Formative Assessment project aims to provide teachers with tools and support to identify and establish effective teacher-led formative assessment practices that can be disseminated within and across education unions. Research is a key part of the project.

The Teacher-Led Learning Circles for Formative Assessment (T3LFA) project has a dedicated project research team that coordinates the research backbone of the project. It has two core components: international research leads and national level country researchers.

T3LFA’s international research leads are Professor Carol Campbell, Professor Christopher DeLuca, and Dr Danielle La-Pointe McEwan. The international researchers have a crucial role in ensuring the success of the project through developing an overarching research methodology, assisting the national researchers, providing continuous research and codification, and assessing the effectiveness of practice.

Already, two important reports authored by T3LFA’s international research team have been published to the project’s decicated webpage. The first publication “ Teacher-Led Learning Circles: Developing Teacher Leadership and Teaching Practice for the Use of Formative Assessment to Improve Students’ Learning,” situates the T3LFA project within the current field of practice. The second, “ Teacher-Led Learning Circles: Research Framework,” builds on the findings of the first, outlining the project’s research framework.

The dedicated work of Professor Campbell, Professor DeLuca, and Dr La-Pointe McEwan in T3LFA’s international research team has most recently been featured in the University of Toronto’s Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education (LHAE) newsletter as well as their website. This demonstrates that in addition to the changes to learning outcomes being observed by those implementing the project on the ground, strong momentum is also being built around the project in the academic sphere.

Want to find out more? Continue to keep up to date with the T3LFA project’s international research team and developments across our seven other project countries by visiting our dedicated project page.