Education International's Executive Board stands with teachers and unionists fighting for democracy in Argentina

published 15 January 2024 updated 23 January 2024

The Executive Board of Education International, meeting online on 11 January, expressed unwavering support and solidarity with the teachers, unionists, and the people of Argentina defending democracy in the face of repressive measures proposed by the new government.

Specifically recognising the critical role that education unions play in championing the rights of educators and the advancement of civic values in Argentina, Education International stands firmly behind its members the Confederación de Trabajadores de la Educación de la República Argentina (CTERA), the Federación Nacional de Docentes Universitarios (CONADU) and the Confederación de Educadores Argentinos (CEA) in the face of challenges posed by the government of Javier Milei.

EI affiliates have taken a principled stance against the anti-democratic, anti-union, and divisive measures proposed by the new administration. In response to these concerning developments, EI affiliates have mobilized their members to actively oppose these regressive policies that threaten the foundations of a democratic and quality education system. A call for a day of action and demonstrations has been issued for 24 January 2024.

Education International, as a global advocate for quality education and the rights of educators, pledges its unwavering support to CTERA, CONADU, and CEA in their efforts to safeguard the principles of democracy and inclusion. We stand by our members, united against any measures that undermine the democratic values and the well-being of educators and students.