Toolkit on Open Educational Materials for Higher Education Unions

published 24 October 2023 updated 21 May 2024
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Teachers' unions, students, and academic support staff are key players in promoting social dialogue on access to study materials in higher education and fostering transformative action.

This toolkit aims to provide unions with basic knowledge about Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education, as well as practical ideas and examples to build a roadmap to influence public and institutional policies.

This toolkit will primarily support unions that have not yet actively promoted OER policies and projects. It will be particularly useful for:

  • Members of the executive committee
  • Union staff
  • University library staff
  • Knowledge access activists
  • Teachers specialised in educational technology
  • Teachers in general

This toolkit will help education unions and activists to:

  • Understand the OER model and UNESCO's OER Recommendations.
  • Understand the benefits of the OER model, as well as the main barriers and challenges associated with its adoption.
  • Develop arguments in favour of adopting OER policies in Higher Education Institutions.
  • Build union capacity to drive OER initiatives.
  • Identify opportunities to promote the development of government or institutional OER policies.