Pedagogic Movement of Latin America

publicado 1 enero 2018 actualizado 1 enero 2018
Host organizations
Education International, Regional Office for Latin America
Cooperating organizations
Lärarförbundet-Sweden and UEN-Norway
Latin America
Start date
1 enero 2018
End date
31 diciembre 2019
Communication;Education for All;Human and Trade Union Rights;Privatisation and Commercialisation;Quality Teaching;Research and Policy Development;

Education trade unions have realized that they had been absent from public policy efforts in the education field. This resulted in a growing influence of sectors that promote agendas that are not in favour of free, public, quality education for all, and that also affect workers' rights and unions' space for action. This was the reason that unions started building capacity in order to be able to formulate ideas and concrete policy proposals, and to build alliances for promoting the resulting proposals. In the process, scholars and the broader educational community have become involved in the work.


Enhance the capabilities of education trade unions in Latin American countries, on the issues of public policy on education, with the aim of achieving sustained public efforts at quality education for all.


Training and capacity-building directed at national trade unions; Exchange of information and experiences of best practices between countries. Enhancement of involved national organizations' social media channels.


By 2018, seven national unions have achieved the capacity for formulating and promoting policy proposals in their respective country.

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