Indigenous Peoples and teachers unions

publicado 1 enero 2018 actualizado 1 enero 2018
Host organizations
Lärarförbundet-Sweden and UEN-Norway
Cooperating organizations
Lärarförbundet-Sweden and UEN-Norway
Latin America
Start date
1 enero 2018
End date
31 diciembre 2019
Human and Trade Union Rights;Indigenous People;Organizing, recruiting;Racism and Xenophobia;

Indigenous peoples and their rights are still not respected in many parts of the world. The issue of how trade unions are treating this aspect is important, since teachers (and also teachers' unions) are often seen as part of the dominant part of society. This project intends to maintain a dialogue between representants of indigenous peoples and unions, addressing the question of what indigenous communities and also indigenous teachers are expecting of teachers' unions?


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Regional meetings between several national trade unions and indigenous representatives. Documentation and follow-up.

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