PDF Follow-Up School Visits

publicado 24 abril 2019 actualizado 24 abril 2019
Host organizations
Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union (SLTU)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Sierra Leone
Start date
25 abril 2019
End date
31 marzo 2020
Quality Teaching;

Every July, the SLTU co-plans and co-facilitates Project Overseas with the CTF/FCE. This project allows for Professional Development Facilitators (PDFs) to visit the classrooms of those teachers who attended a previous July in-service program; to observe, assist, provide feedback, and support as required these teachers; and to collect data and observations in order to inform future training (July in-service) sessions.


Following the visits, teachers who were trained during a July in-service, and then subsequently visited on two separate occasions, will better be able to: - Implement successfully the strategies learned during the in-service program; - Identify which strategies are successful in their own classrooms; - Upon advice from visiting PDFs, explore new strategies when others are not effective; - Discuss, reflect, plan and collaborate with colleagues in their own schools or clusters who received the same training.

Following the visits, PDFs who provided the training during the in-service, and then subsequently visited teachers’ classrooms, will better be able to: - Gain valuable feedback and insight into changes and modifications required for the following July in-service program; - Provide testimonials (written, recorded, etc.) and artefacts (copies or pictures thereof) gathered during the PDF Follow-Up School Visits to the CTF-FCE as valuable examples of how the Program is making a difference in the professional lives of SLTU members and the daily lives of the children they teach.


School visits