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Campaign for Public Education (Cameroon)

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This project aims to raise awareness and understanding of the privatization phenomenon and its consequences, and to build alliances to mobilize for investment in public education.


The following topics will be addressed:

  • Communication and campaigns. Many people are unaware of the damages caused by ongoing privatization. Mobilization would be stronger if people understood what is at stake.
  • The impact of austerity and privatization. The project aims at analyzing the link between structural adjustment plans (SAPs), the privatization of education and the ensuing consequences. Understanding these mechanisms is fundamental to identifying and tackling the real causes of privatization.
  • Tax justice. Increasing public funding for education is the key to push back ongoing privatization. This means finding new sources of funding, including tax loopholes.
  • Alliances. A coalition makes it possible to understand that the problems of education concern the whole of society, and that the quality of education is linked to teachers' salaries.


Capacity building activities:

  • Budget and budget monitoring training;
  • The fiscalization process;
  • The privatization and commoditization of education and its consequences.

Awareness-raising and communication activities:

  • Meeting with parent-teacher associations;
  • Meeting with networks of civil society organizations;
  • Meeting with members of Parliament;
  • Design and production of posters and messages.


2023 – 2024
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Education International
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