Membership Education Project 2018-2019

Publié 1 mai 2018 Mis à jour 1 mai 2018

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Host organizations
AIPTF, All India Primary Teachers' Federation
Cooperating organizations
Lärarförbundet, Education International
Start date
1 mai 2018
End date
30 avril 2020
Human and Trade Union Rights;Organizing, recruiting;Sustainable Development;

A longstanding cooperation aiming at strengthening 25 affiliated Primary Teacher's Unions in India and their federation AIPTF. This project which is being implemented by AIPTF in collaboration with Lärarförbundet and Education International is an attempt to provide quality public education to all children and enhancing the capacity of union leaders to negotiate with government and safeguarding their rights for humane and just society with equal involvement of women and young teachers in this effort.


The cooperation in the Membership Education Project aims to strengthen the AIPTF and its state affiliates to develop into strong, independent, sustainable and democratic teachers’ organizations, taking into consideration the interests of both female and male teachers, who are able to promote teachers welfare, rights and education throughout India. Project objectives include achieving 33% Women and youth in decision making bodies, increased dues and improved Communication.


Skills enhancement activities, training, workshops, recruitment campaigns, enhancing awareness about union skills, interventions to involve more women and youth are the major activities to achieve the goals.


Results are varied but each of the participating states have specific goals, often regarding recruitment, dues, Women participation which are monitored and reported upon. A number of states report real progress in these areas while others show a slower progress.