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Privatization of education in Tanzania: legal and regulatory framework

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Carrying-out workshops on dialogue about privatization of education in Tanzania.


Objectives 2021

  • To provide understanding of the concept of Privatization of Privatization of Education and its consequences in Tanzania context.
  • To make the union leaders understand their role in addressing the negative impacts of privation of education, access to education for all groups.
  • To prepare an advocacy strategy for advocating for the best practices suitable to learners and teachers of all gender, especially girls and women, and those with disabilities.
  • To engage various and relevant stakeholders in the advocacy process.

Objectives 2022

  • To engage more stakeholders in dialogue on privatization of education and how it can inform the legal, policy and regulatory framework.
  • To find a forum for building channels and blocks for representing private school teachers in line with ILO and UNESCO status of teachers 1966 and rights to association
  • To lobby the government of Tanzania to continuously provide and improve access to public education.


Activities 2021

During the workshops, the following topics will be discussed:

  1. The Concept of Privatization of Education: Causes and Negative implication on Gender and inclusion;
  2. Participation of Trade unions in addressing negative consequences of education privatization;
  3. Preparation of the Advocacy strategy: Issues and challenge, solutions and approach to be adopted;
  4. Building alliance and engagement in the advocacy process.

Activities 2022

During the workshops, the following topics will be discussed:

  1. How does government ensure that Private schools provide quality education for all without discrimination?
  2. How does government intervene for the Welfare of the Teachers in Private schools, has it given room for forum for private school teachers to democratically express their views and demand their rights?
  3. Do Social Security funds scrutinize to know/identify if all Teachers in Private Schools are registered and get all their social security from employers? How is this done?
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