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Global Response to the privatisation & commercialisation of education (Nepal)

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National Campaign against privatisation and commercialisation of Education in Nepal.


  • Evaluate levels of success against campaign objectives achieved through the implementation of national action plans by EI member Member Organisations and related success.
  • Update existing research with documentation of different forms of privatization led by the pandemic viz. on education provision and delivery, working conditions of teachers.
  • Strengthening EI's advocacy at the global level in challenging and opposing profit making in education with an additional focus on the role of EdTech companies and AI.    
  • Continue to build solidarity within and across national settings by shaping the development and implementation of regional / sub-regional strategies by EI member organisations.
  • Developing, strengthening and implementing necessary financing frameworks as a response and protection from the negative impact of privatisation. This includes progressive national and international tax reforms to enable states to act more effectively and invest more in public education.


  • Updating the existing research with a focus on the different manifestation of the privatization due to pandemic  
  • Evaluation and planning meeting to take stock of the progress of the GR campaign in Nepal as well as to plan the next phase of action based on the progress, lessons learnt and the updated research.  
  • Capacity building workshops to provide Member Organisations with the tools to  
  1. collect and analyse the equity implications for teaching and learning in the context of an expansion of privatisation in and of education and, in particular, profit-making and business activities in education; 
  2. develop evidence-based campaigns to confront the privatisation and commercialisation of education; particularly social and traditional media campaigns at the national level aimed at exposing the dangers of the growing commercialisation and privatisation of education  
  3. build education unions’ capacity to campaign for sufficient and sustainable financing for public education.
2021 – 2023
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