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5th EI World Congress: the Higher Education Caucus

published 8 June 2007 updated 8 June 2007

One of the highlights of the EI World Congresses is its pre-Congress events, where participants have the chance to meet one another and take part in discussions on specific issues before the Congress starts.

The EI Higher Education Caucus is a pre-Congress event which will be held on 20 July 2007. The Caucus will look at developments and trends in the Higher Education and Research sector over the past three years. Together with participants from EI member organisations representing the Higher Education and Research personnel all over the world, the Caucus will attempt to work on better collaboration among EI affiliates as well as with partner organisations such as the ILO, UNESCO and the ESU (formerly known as ESIB), whose representatives will also be present at the Caucus. The organisers strongly encourage all participating organisations to prepare a paper on the main trends in their country for distribution at the Caucus. Please send your contribution in advance to Monique Fouilhoux, Senior Coordinator for Education and Employment (her contact details are in the link below). If you have not signed up for the event and would like to do so, please log on to your Participant Account today! For more information about this event or to download documents related to it, please click here