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Education International

Worlds of Education: June edition now on-line

published 2 June 2009 updated 2 June 2009

The latest edition of EI’s flagship publication focuses on the global economic crisis and the struggle of teacher trade unionists to ensure that governments worldwide include significant investment in education as part of their recovery plans.

The magazine also introduces the EI Declaration on Violent Political and Military Attacks Against Education Students, Staff, Officials, Union Members and Institutions, which aims to ensure that schools are respected as safe sanctuaries, especially in zones of conflict. It also has a special emphasis on Colombia, the most dangerous country in which to be a teacher activist. Our World Day Against Child Labour feature story looks at the plight of an estimated 100 million girls who are trapped in child labour, often hidden from the public eye as domestic servants. The magazine also reports on the joyful reunion, 30 years later, between EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen and one of his former students through Facebook.

To learn more about these issues and many more, please download the magazine in pdf format by clicking on the link below.