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Education International

EI seeks your feedback on Gender Equality and Diversity

published 29 September 2014 updated 30 September 2014

Education International (EI) is calling on its affiliates to have their voices heard in relation to equality and diversity. On 16 September, affiliates were sent EI’s survey on gender equality and diversity. The feedback, due in on 31 October, will provide the basis for EI’s four-yearly report on equality to be presented at its 7th World Congress in Ottawa, Canada, in July 2015.

The online survey consists of four sections:

  • Follow-up and implementation of the Gender Equality Action Plan
  • Indigenous People and Education
  • Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons
  • Action to address other forms discrimination and create an inclusive environment in education unions

Status update

At its 2015 World Congress, EI will review its key developments, including progress on achieving equality and inclusion in education and education unions. The Secretariat is preparing various statutory reports on the EI aims, policies, and programmes deriving from previous resolutions including those on the Status of Women in Education, Unions and Society in 1995; on the Status of Indigenous Education in 1998; on Indigenous Peoples in 1998; on the Protection of the Rights of Lesbian and Gay Education Personnel in 1998; as well as the EI Gender Equality Action Plan.

In order to gain an overview of equality and diversity in education and education unions, EI urges all affiliates to complete each section of the survey to the greatest extent possible. The deadline for the survey completion is 31 October.