Upcoming events

published 24 May 2018 updated 31 May 2018

Upcoming events

28-31 May - Global Response planning and research launch Lagos, Nigeria

11-13 June - Seminar: "The Future of the Teaching Profession in Africa" Johannesburg, South Africa

13-14 June - Final Conference Social Dialogue capacity building project III Sofia, Bulgaria

17-18 June - EI/UCL final EQUIPPPS workshop Brussels, Belgium

26-28 September - Global Response Planning and research launch Buenos Aires, Argentina

3-5 October - Latin America region Global Response evaluation and planning meeting Montevideo, Uruguay

5 October – World Teachers’ Day

7-9 November - Global Response research launch Abidjan, Ivory Coast

12-14 November - IFHER Conference Taipei, Taiwan

13 December - Conference of EI affiliates in OECD Member States Mexico, Mexico