The Philippines: Stop governmental harassment of education trade unionists

published 4 April 2019 updated 8 April 2019

In a resolution adopted at its 52th meeting, the Education International Executive Board condemns the government profiling of its member organisation in the Philippines, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), and the death threats its leaders have received.

Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) leader and Education International (EI) Executive Board member for Asia-Pacific Raymond D. Basilio gave a moving speech about the constant harassment and threats faced by ACT members and leaders, as well as his own experience. This was at the 52th EI Executive Board meeting held in Brussels, Belgium, on 2-4 April.

Besides receiving death threats on his personal mobile phone, one call coming during an ACT press conference on 11 January 2019, Basilio explained that “one day, one man came to me and told me: ‘you are next’”.

He went on to say: “I cannot sleep in my own bed anymore, I cannot see my family nor go to the union office where I am probably awaited by public forces. I have to change my email and contacts every two weeks at the latest.”

Basilio pointed out that “I could to go to another country, but I will not abandon my members; I want to be with them. That’s where I belong.”

“Public support and international pressure, such as that of Education International, is extremely important for us. I’ll bring back with me your heartfelt support to my fellow educators and Filipinos,” he concluded.

The resolution adopted by EI Executive is available here