Resolution on: Strengthening EI to Meet Future Challenges

published 25 September 2019 updated 25 September 2019

The 8th Education International (EI) World Congress, meeting in Bangkok, from 21 to 26 July 2019:


(1) That the 7th World Congress (2015) adopted a Resolution entitled "Preparing EI to meet future challenges" mandating the Executive Board to undertake a review of EI Structures and the dues payment system. The implementation process of this Resolution relied upon the work of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee (CBC) as well as a consultative working group on the dues payment system.

(2) That, if the work undertaken so far, has led to a first set of proposals for amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, it has not covered all the items and issues mentioned in the 2015 Resolution. This is the reason why the Executive Board decided, in its October 2018 meeting, that the work of the CBC should be extended into the next Congress period.

(3) That the main objective is to strengthen Education International and to ensure that it will be responsive to future challenges such as the increased privatisation and commercialisation of education, a declining membership, and the attacks on human and trade union rights, wherever they arise. It is our responsibility to reinforce EI in its leadership role through the active participation and contribution of all affiliated organisations, including better interactions between EI regions and regional structures. It is equally important to guarantee more democratic and efficient structures of governance within EI.

Mandates the Executive Board:

(4) To keep on proceeding to a formal review of structures in order to permit further consultation and allow collective discussions on the issues not yet examined or concluded by the CBC including, but not limited to the governance structure of EI and the dues payment system, with final recommendations to be brought to the 9th World Congress in 2023. A detailed calendar of the whole consultation process will be provided by the Executive Board to all member organisations and regional structures.