Bursaries for Women

published 1 April 2005 updated 1 April 2005
Cooperating organizations
AIPTF (India), FESEN (Togo), UNATU (Uganda), SNESS and SNEA-B (Burkina Faso) CNEH and UNOEH/FENATEC (Haiti)
India, Togo, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Haiti
Start date
1 April 2005
End date
26 April 2021
Gender;Quality Teaching;

Providing small bursaries to unqualified or underqualified women teachers to assist them in pursuing their studies in education. Criteria for eligibility and selection of recipients determined by partners and vary slightly from one country / organization to another.


-To support women teachers in professional and personal self improvement -To improve the quality of teaching and learning through having more qualified teachers -To encourage women to take a more active (leadership) role in their unions


-Provision of financial subsidies (study bursaries)


-Women who receive bursaries do continue studies (often the enrolment/completion) must be submitted to receive the bursary -Women who receive bursaries report gratitude to and engagement in their unions.