Development Cooperation Handbook: A guide to successful partnerships

published 28 February 2021 updated 20 June 2024

This development cooperation handbook is intended for the use of all Education International affiliates. Those that are already involved in development cooperation will find food for thought and tools for use in their work. Affiliates that are not yet involved in development cooperation will find useful information to help them to get started in this area.

The guide was developed by the Education International (EI) Secretariat and the EI regional offices. It has been informed by input from participants at the annual development cooperation meetings in Brussels, Belgium, in 2019 and 2020.

What will you find in this handbook?

This handbook contains suggestions for successful engagement with development cooperation. These suggestions have been gleaned from and build on the experiences gained by EI and its affiliates in the field of international development cooperation. No one model of development cooperation is infallible. Nevertheless, this tool will contribute to reflection, help to avoid certain pitfalls, and ensure Education International affiliates utilise human and financial resources as efficiently as possible.